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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Real Estate Agent – Picking the Right One

Real Estate Agent – Picking the Right One

Picking the right real estate agent can be the difference between having a nice easy buying experience, or being a total catastrophe that will never make you want to look at another home again. But what exactly goes into picking an agent? This blog post will underline some key factors that you should consider before selecting your real estate agent.

How well do you communicate with each other?

Communication is the key to success in many relationships, including the one with your real estate agent. Be honest with what you need, ensure everything is out there in the open, and explain to them exactly what you want from them. Communicate your concerns and demands, as the better you can communicate, the better chance your real estate agent has to meet all your needs.

Don’t be afraid to turn agents away

Upon meeting with an agent, ask yourself if you feel comfortable talking to them? Do you feel any sort of connection or chemistry? Would you like to spend time with this person? If something seems off and you just don’t seem to click, walk away and keep on looking for another agent.
Ask most people and they’ll tell you that buying a home isn’t easy, there will be a lot of highs and lows as you try to find your perfect home. Your real estate agent will be along side you for all of it, and they’ll most likely learn about your personal life along the way. For these reasons it’s important to pick someone you trust and like, otherwise the whole experience is going to feel weird and off-putting.
Real estate agent

How well does the real estate agent know the local area?

Finding an agent who has worked in the local area for more than a few years is going to be detrimental to finding your new home. Knowledgeable real estate agents can tell you which suburbs to avoid, the ones which are ideal for starting a new family, and be able to answer any question you may have about the area.
Picking somebody who is unfamiliar with the local area is a waste of time, many times you will actually know more than them!

You need to relax

Good real estate agents have your best interest at heart, there will be times when they push your patience, but remain calm. For example, it could been a month or two and they’ve yet to pick out a home that you truly love, this may just be because the housing market is running slow and there’s not enough homes for sale. Buying a home should never be rushed as that’s when mistakes are made and future regrets are born. Take it easy and when the right house comes along, all that hard work and wait would have been worth it.
There is more than meets the eye to finding the right real estate agent, many times after helping a buyer find a home, I develop deep personal friendships that I have even to this day. Finding the right real estate agent is more than just picking someone to find you a house, they’ll be there to advise you during tough decisions, comfort you the lows, and smile with you during the highs.

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